Understanding the Enemy

This site is not currently being updated/maintained.  It is owned by one individual, not a group or organization.  Because of family obligations, I stopped sharing presentations in mid-2017.  As explained below, I established this site to educate people on where those who commit violence in the name of Islam get their ideas.  I never speak about what Muslims believe, as that is up to each individual.  Any individual, regardless of their religion, who believes in allowing others to practice their own religions as equals and believes in the freedoms established in our Constitution is my ally.  The "Enemy" we must understand is anyone who wants to subjugate other religions or place their legal system above our state and federal constitutions.  If anyone does not want these two things, I am not talking about them.  I fully understand, and always begin any presentation with, the fact that a majority of Muslims do not adhere to the teachings the violent ones follow.  I do not talk about people, just the doctrinal principles used by those who seek to subjugate others.

I am a retired Army Warrant Officer with over 30 years' experience.  In 1999, while serving in Bosnia, I began studying foundational Islamic sources to understand what was motivating so many to kill on behalf of an ideology.  I spent 5 of the next 13 years in countries where I defended and fought Muslims, with both sides claiming their actions were in accordance with Sharia Law.  I have spent the last 18 years acquiring and studying original Islamic texts, so as to discuss the doctrinal teachings used to justify the actions of those who are enemies of our Western way of life.  

I have given over 50 presentations across 4 states, teaching attendees to understand the volumes of documents which form Sharia Law, where Sharia Law contradicts the Constitution, and the important role 1,400 year old documents still play in today's political and military battlefields.  I explain what drives groups like ISIS, and individuals like the San Bernardino couple, the Orlando nightclub shooter, and the Ohio State stabber, to murder people we consider to be innocents and why we will have to deal with this seemingly new threat for the foreseeable future.  I always emphasizes and explains the threat comes from the doctrine which empowers those who wish to subjugate non-Muslims, not from Muslims who reject this doctrine.  

Fayetteville Meetings

I taught a Fayetteville, NC national security-focused group for 5 years.  While I am not a member of the organization, my relationship with the people in this local group was important to me:

Foundational Documents

Important documents and slide shows providing information on Sharia Law and Political Islam

Foundational Documents

ISIS and al-Qaida magazines